behaved women rarely make history...
Zanies an oxy5s… Damnnnn


All finished! #crossstitch #xstitch #craft #books
Pattern is by plasticlittlecoversshop and can be found here

this is most excellent




“The collapse of a shark tank at The Scientific Center in Kuwait. Share this because it’s probably the only time in your life you will see something like this.”

omg i love this

best thing ever omfg

Pretty damn amazing.

I don’t understand why people think this is so cool, yes the picture looks “cool” but think about how dirty those floors are, I feel bad for the poor babies :(

Claudia by Ellen von Unwerth, 2008

It’s like being in love: giving somebody the power to hurt you and trusting (or hoping) they won’t.
Marina Abramović, Rest Energy
Oh my my corin ! I love your beautiful guts

No matter what, you must deal with the frightened parts of your personality or else, they’ll express itself in different forms. That’s a guarantee. Choosing to dimming your light in order to avoid criticism, doesn’t deal with the part of you that tells you, “You’re not good enough.” The same goes for superiority. Choosing to say you’re better than others doesn’t acknowledge the fact that you too feel inferior. Because you can only be ENOUGH when you’re better than someone else. 
Hot cha cha
  • When you over do the tumblr thang while your phones charging an it gets so hot you must lay your device down an only use one finger !

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